Worker Clicks is a world first, turn-key "human to human" customer engagement and customer experience solution specifically for physical locations

On demand "customer service" for your in-store traffic

On demand "customer engagement" at your physical location/s

Just Tap and your staff are ready to assist!

Assist your customers with any enquiry! With our patent pending "Tap Me" one touch technology, guests at your physical location have live assistance on tap for - Product information, Concierge, Promotional information, and any of your other requirements… Your choice of 1-200 screens per location. Specialist teams highly targeted and trained for your needs! Your customers will be spoilt with "Tap Me!" assistance at every turn...

Operators can proactively engage with your customers...(and your staff)!

Even though you’re remote, you can engage with your customers and staff whenever and wherever you require! You’ll have full visibility of those high traffic areas at your locations and can engage with your customers proactively across multiple sites simultaneously… In addition our system stability module maintains 720p resolution, giving you superb video quality consistently...

Operators can also travel with your customers (and staff) by instantly "jumping" screens throughout a location, to seamlessly assist wherever they are at the location… and you can engage with other customers from multiple locations simultaneously… You’ll have an amazing advantage that will leave your competitors looking 2nd rate!

Every operator has full visibility of your location, is available across all of your screens, and also has the ability to assist throughout multiple locations. One operator has the visibility, flexibility, scalability and maneuverability to the equivalent of 10 staff members. This is also scalable according to how many screens you wish to deploy. Increase staff productivity and efficiency by a minimum of 1000%.

Easy setup and installation - all you need is a decent quality speed internet connection, some training for your staff and you’re ready to go! Whether you want to engage with your customers for one hour a day, during a promotional period, or simply as a customer service "in store" self help solution, we can provide custom integrations for your organisation.

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